This is really only here so I could use that pun (get it? Because Howard is playing Follow-My-Leader. Oh forget it).

Rudd is calling Team Howard out on it’s lack of iniative (what Americans will know as ‘the vision thing‘). I find this interesting because it isn’t common for the government to be so blandly co-opted by better opposition policy-making. One also tends not (I think) to see the fourth wall of politics being broken

In an address this morning, Mr Rudd said the Government’s strategy of trying to neutralise the Opposition’s policies on broadband, climate change and education was becoming increasingly transparent.

“That might happen with Iraq in the future,” he was quoted as telling caucus.

Of course it’s transparent – it’s politics. Does the media know Rudd is trying to do an end-run around them?

Rudd is also cleverly predicting Team Howard’s drifting a little anti-occupation (I’d be more impressed if he just laid out what most people could probably predict from Howard: unapologetic about the war, Hussein had to be removed, victims of bad intelligence, look forwards instead of backwards, Labor has no plan to get us out of the war in Iraq), as he has anti-climate change (unapologetic about Kyoto, global caps are bad for the economy, Labor has no plan to get us out of global warming).

I also particularly enjoyed the SMHs other-handing (got to give dual, if not equal, representation, after all) towards the end, with quotes from the Prime Minister.

“We have the fight of our lives, it’s a fight we can win and it’s a fight we will win if we focus on the critical choice between the Government and the Opposition.”

Mr Howard said “all distractions” must be cleared away first, but did not say what those distractions were.

And I’ll bet nobody thought to ask. Is Howard going to have Rudd killed? It sounds vaguely threatening. Maybe he’s having all the Newspoll people arrested? Ooh! Maybe he’s having Channel Nine shut down! And current affairs programmes banned! He’d have my vote…


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