Hey, WordPress has advertising…kind of

Upon checking my blogstats this morning (it has become a weird obsession. I think I should be become a trader for a year to get finance and watching numbers out of my system), I noticed an outgoing link was an advertisement – but I don’t have advertisements. Nobody does, because WordPress won’t let you (this is how you know I still have hardly any readers. I’d cash in if I did).

Eventually I found this:

Since the ad test about 6 weeks ago there have been ads. Where? We very occassionally show Adsense (contextual text ads) on post and tag pages.

Why? To allow us to focus on free features in addition to paid and to offset costs of rapidly rising traffic.

There are two questions to think about if this comes as a surprise to you: Have I ever seen these ads? Have my readers? (Ask them!)

The ad code tries hard not to intrude or show ads to regular readers, which means a small percentage of page views. Apparently it works, since we haven’t gotten many feedbacks on them. Perhaps a better favorite would be “really, really unobtrusive ads.”

Even though you will probably never see an ad, if you did happen to come across one I don’t want it to be a surprise. The comments last time we discussed ads were fairly heated but I wanted to make sure everyone had accurate information.

What a neat system. Apparently advertising is still being discussed, but I get the impression the WordPress folk aren’t decided upon how they’d like them – who has control over advertising, etc. Which is fair enough. Personally I think whoever saw and followed that one advertisement should get a prize.


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