Amazon, Wal-Mart and Harry Potter warfare

What, pray, is this Harry Potter warfare? This:

Amazon page

That’s right, you save 49%. How many firms d’you think can afford that? Big ones? Small ones? Only a couple. Amazon has around 1.6m pre-orders for a book upon which it will not make a profit. But it’s made damn sure nobody else will make a profit on the books, either. Why? Amazon reckons on being able to sell almost anything else to the people pre-ordering the book. They made out in terms of market capitalisation. They did it for their shareholders:

amazon stock 10-day

Business Week has a great article on the Twisted Economics of Harry Potter. If you thought JK Rowling was the only one making money, you’re out of your mind. Entire publishing houses and film companies rely on the franchise to turn a profit (and what a profit they turn – the years when Harry Potter books and films are released, anyway).

Me, bleh. If it comes down to Harold Bloom and me fighting the rest of you off with sharp-corner’d copies of Winnie-the-Pooh and Alice in Wonderland, so be it. Sorry, mother (my mother likes the books. So do my cousins. So does bloody everyone).


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