Iran ends petrol-only car making

Speaking of the Beeb. They have a story running just now (or rather, on my phone while we ate lunch – sad, isn’t it?). Speaking also of Iran’s petrol problems, lately.

Iran has announced that it will stop producing purely petrol-driven cars and produce more dual-fuel vehicles, which also run on gas.

The minister of industries said the production of petrol-only cars would stop in just over two weeks’ time.

I know, I know – Iran has gas?

Correspondents say it is not clear whether Iran can produce enough gas, or supply it to petrol stations.

it is not clear the infrastructure is in place yet, either to produce enough gas or to provide enough filling stations, our correspondent says.

There is already a long list of people waiting to have their cars converted from petrol-only to duel-fuel.

Ah. This story did shit me no end because the writer cannot tell “duel” from “dual”. I also did not know Iran even made its own cars, let along some 1.5m or so of them per year. All of which will now be hybrids (no mention of the mileage at which Iranians are looking), while existing cars wait (by the looks of it, for a while) to be converted.

This follows Iran’s petrol rationing of last week – still very unpopular. Apparently demand has stopped fallen some 20 to 30 percent – no doubt mostly replaced by an underground economy, based on the anecdotes the news media like to place in their stories.

It is still, to my mind, a demonstration of the silliness of command and control vs. straight rational pricing. All the Iranian government had to do was slash the subsidies for oil imported and sold domestically (40% of petrol in Iran is imported). Possibly even use the money saved to build up mercantilist and democratic infrastructure,.


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