Bush says US budget deficit set for big fall

I’m so sick of this sort of thing.

President George W. Bush on Wednesday predicted that the US budget deficit would drop to less than half its 2004 peak by the end of the current fiscal year but warned Democrats against loosening constraints on federal spending.

But Mr Bush warned against complacency in the battle to bring the deficit under control, renewing his threat to veto a series of forthcoming spending bills unless Congress reduced its budget demands.

First and foremost, the White House has been busted more than once using non-credible, inflated deficit estimates that it could later brag about ‘beating’ them – while the debt itself continues to deteriorate. White House budget estimates simply cannot be trusted. In a time with escalating oil prices and uncertainty about the US dollar and global rates of inflation, no estimates ought to be trusted to eagerly.

What really gets on my tits, though, is this suggestion – no doubt blithely and without questioning soon to enter the narrative of the mainstream media – that the Democrats, from the political Goddamn wilderness of the last decade, are to blame for (or are somehow not to be trusted with) the US federal budget. Here’s a very interesting graphic put together, of the 2008 US federal discretionary budget. All the bigger circles belong to the military – not including two unmentionably moronic wars, which are funded directly. Click the link for a better view.

budget graph

Failing that, there is always Ben Cohen’s cookie illustration:

True Majority

Either way, George Bush talking about the budget deficit belongs in the same rubbish bin as John Howard talking about inflation.


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