If you like webcomics for the art…

Why not make a day of non-economics posting, while I’m taking charge of your aesthetics?

Have I ever mentioned Penny Arcade to you, before? My archives suggest I have not. They swear, so it’s your own responsibility to beware such, reading it around bosses-in-the-office and/or children. I mention them because Gabe is a phenomenal artist, and Tycho a phenomenal writer. I mention them also because Gabe just posted this online:

Twisp and Catsby 1

Actual Twisp and Catsby ‘strips’ (because they do not make much sense, and are a departure from the norm of Penny Arcade) are below:

Twisp and Catsby 2

Twisp and Catsby 3

Twisp and Catsby 4

Twisp and Catsby 5

Aren’t they amazing? The other comic artist, equally fantastic (in both senses of the word), is Kazu Kibuishi, of Daisy Kutter fame. Online, he has a site called Copper (currently on hiatus while Kibuishi finishes his next book) from which I couldn’t possibly select a favourite to show. They are charm such as you’ve never seen manifest before.

Copper 1

copper 2


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