Bush concedes US ‘tired of war’

George W. Bush on Thursday acknowledged that America was “tired of war” but showed no sign of shifting policy on Iraq in spite of the release of a report by his own administration that presented a mostly negative assessment of the situation there.

Mr Bush said he would wait until after General David Petraeus, US commander in Iraq, issued a full progress report in September before deciding if “adjustments” to strategy were required. He vowed to consult with Congress and the military after the report and “make another decision if need be”.

Clearly the mental image of Bush complaining about having to make “another decision” is just plain hilarious (he has indeed, in the famous words of Pink, come a long way from whiskey and cocaine). What ought to anger and/or frighten the lot of us is the idea of a president who has neither the intelligence (nor any staff with the intelligence) to call up his General and ask what his report is going to say.

Unless Petraeus is expected to write the report the night before handing it in – which is supposed to comfort us in which fashion?

As to this idea that Bush just doesn’t care, not so – this is as far as his brain goes in terms of big-G “Government”. Ted Rall has known all along.

Ted Rall

For God’s sake, this is a man who made fun of the execution of a woman whose clemency he denied; whose mother laughed about Black people from New Orleans being better off packed into a football stadium on old army cots. The fact that he does not actively mock the men and women whose trust he has betrayed everywhere from Kandahar to Walter Reed makes him an honorary Care Bear.


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