Harry Potter day

Pre-orders with Amazon came to nearly 2.5 million, in the end. I saw an amusing article title: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Silence”. Meanwhile, I saw copies in the hands of many a persion in the city today – including at least one mother-daughter reading team in Washington Square Park (they had a copy each, don’t worry).

I also saw, in Virgin on Union Square, a girl appearing to be browsing. I was struck by the idea of someone flicking through it, wondering who this Harry Potter fellow is, and what the book was about. Virgin was also selling the scarves, while one of the films played on every screen available.

I did pause to wonder how much, given their current troubles, Royal Mail appreciated having to lay on all the extra workers, lorries (Americans: trucks), etc. for the day of carting out all of those books (1 in every 43 UK homes). Does the Royal Mail make much profit with those? Let’s hope so.

Now we can just relax until the stories in two years’ time about how sweet it was, back when a Harry Potter book came out every couple of years…


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