There are no recoveries on your stock market

I recommend to the media the words tumultuous and volatility:

A volatile Australian share market staged a recovery today despite continuing uncertainty among investors about the extent of the trouble on Wall Street.

Never mind, they have those. They just do not understand their meaning. The Australian share market cannot ‘stage a recovery’ in periods of volatility. Just like the US share market cannot. Bloomberg’s third day of stocks advancing is fine – leaves plenty fo scope for retreat, tomorrow. Amongst other things, there are no signals that the volatility will either Bear – or Bull – itself into some stability anytime soon.

As luck would have it, nobody in ‘the media’ even knows I exist, and clearly nobody closer to them than me has whispered, into their ear, “stop that. It’s annoying.”

Here’s is the stock market (courtesy of the Big Picture and with apologies to the artist, whom I do not know):

Big Picture pic


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