Neat traffic congestion video

From the spectacular Streetsblog (who I used the last time I wrote about congestion, or the pricing thereof). Originally from the equally spectacular, being related,

The video is of an intersection in Jackson Heights, Queens (in New York), 6pm on a Saturday:

We put together the video because we wanted to show how visceral the problem is on a daily basis. The problem of traffic congestion has so many side effects that are difficult to communicate in words or still images. Also, most residents would cite noise as the main complaint, particularly horn honking.

I’m with them on the honking – they bloody love honking horns, here. They either are the world’s least patient, least understanding-of-the-physics-of-traffic-jams people in the world, or just plain love Jesus the most.

This is Queens, mind you – not (for those of you not familiar with the area) even on the island of Manhattan, where Mayor Bloomberg actually wants the congestion pricing. If you have a local variant of this, you should submit your own film to – they’re very interesting.

Streetsblog proper also has a very good post about Melbourne – I surely do miss Australia, at times (and I’m from Sydney! To be missing Melbourne is almost criminal).

Also, while I’m miles from economics: see the zombies?

Smith Street

Head over to read a great article about sharp commuters. I can’t blame them. Air in subway stations here is as bad as in any other comparable city. At least – Londoners – our trains have air-conditioning. You poor bastards.


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  1. Gary on

    Hey, I would like to use this video for a project of mine. Could anyone give me the link where this was from?

  2. Banquisha on

    wheres the video?

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