Sunday morning coming dumb

Watching – in pieces – the Republican ‘debate’ on ABC. Their rapid-fare, car-salesman talking-point delivery on health insurance/care has so far proved too idiotic to even be deconstructed for criticism.

Sadly I am not their constituency and their constituency mostly knows no better. Giuliani also really does need to learn the differences between Pakistan and Afghanistan. We are not at war with Pakistan (old gaff), and we do not need Musharraf’s permission to enter Afghanistan (new gaff, freshly spoken!). Moreover, given that it is a war, the implication is that we do it without the appropriate permission in the first place, wouldn’t you say?

Again, though, I reckon most of Giuliani’s constituency won’t pick up on any of this. Remember how recently it was that Ross Perot was considered crazy? He never even suggested pointing ICBMs at Mecca. These people don’t belong in a debate, they belong in a sanitarium, before they do some real damage.

George Stephanopoulos is not keeping the ties very well bound to truth or reality, either. At least he’s taking up less time for himself than that narcissist Blitzer, but that’s a pretty bare minimum.


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