My love of Michael Caine grows and grows

I really do need to make my next post something properly economic, or I’ll be in trouble.

Michael Caine

Caine Pic

shared Sex Symbol status with David Hemmings (one of my favourite actors)


Hemmings was bloody phenomenal in Last Orders – as was Michael Caine.

Anyway. Michael Caine is releasing a chillout compilation album:

Legendary Brit actor Sir Michael Caine has announced his intention to release a chillout album, and has already come up with the perfect title: Cained.

“About 10 years ago I started making my own compilations,” Caine said. “I’ve always been interested in music, and over the years have made literally thousands of tapes. And with chillout I suppose I finally found my forte.”

Cained, which will feature tracks such as Felix Da Housecat’s Sinnerman and Chicane’s No Ordinary Morning, is due for release in September.



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  1. Monica on

    I’m also a big Michael Caine fan. I found your blog because WordPress has linked it to mine, which deals with astrology, economics, and popular culture. I didn’t know about the music release “Cained.” Interesting in light of my predictions for the man:

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