Watching Michael Moore’s Sicko. It’s horrifying my wife while I marvel at how an otherwise developed country can do this to its own citizens (and I’m a health economist).

If you know enough Spanish to be amused by dodgy sub-titles (look for the Freedom Fries one, it’s great), you can catch the doco here.

And people wonder why I’m not staying in the US any longer than I need to. You should definitely watch it – I’m sure plenty of you (or people you know) will muster all their cynicism in the face of basic facts (the least equitable, efficient or cost-effective health care system in the OECD). They’re the ones keeping the rest of you down.


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  1. Julie Pierce "SICKO" on

    I am in the movie “SICKO”, telling my husbands story..and you are so right…Please go look at my marrow was my husbands last hope, read the amin blog, then go to my links I have every news coverage from when my husband was alive til current.. There must be change…God Bless you and your family.
    Julie Pierce

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