The Sydney Morning Herald can make lemonade like nobody’s business

Just spotted on the front page of the newly-sexified Sydney Morning Herald website:


It’s an American story – I think from the NY Times? I’m all for silver linings and making lemonade when life gives you lemons, but for fuck’s sake. There’s perspective, and then there’s just being a dickhead. Another picture in the article utterly belies the feelgood message (to my mind).

I have no problem with people responding with a thousand times more fortitude and perspective, themselves, than I think I could ever show, but this:

He remains a strong supporter of US involvement in Iraq and sees only benefits in the experiences of veterans like himself.

“Yeah,” he says, “the paralympic team will become stronger and society around it will have more job openings for disabled people.”

There will be another virtue too, he says, one having nothing to do with sport, but everything to do with how the US treats its injured veterans.

Finally the country would begin to take notice of its disabled citizens.

“It’s a win-win situation in a way,” Winkler says.

“You might lose part of your ability, but the biggest thing is we’re still alive, and we’re still here and we want people to know who we are, what we are. Our disabilities show. Theirs, like depression, or phobias, don’t. It’s just letting people know it’s OK, that we’re all human, no matter what creed or shape or size.

I think he’s dead bloody wrong – but I’m not going to tell him. The telling line in the article was:

For those able to catch it, sport is a lifeline back into the world they knew, or something approaching it.

That means almost none. The level of maiming in this clusterfuck war for fear is just astonishing. I can guarantee you the Iraqi men, women and children left without their F-A-C-U-L-T-I-E-S intact will never see inside the glory of a US paralympic team.

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