Billy Bragg

Posting music clips seems to be the fashion, and I’m bored. And Billy Bragg is a goddamn legend.

Waiting For The Great Leap Forward

And I don’t believe we can defeat no axis of evil
By putting smart bombs in the hands of dumb people

I still prefer his original lyrics, although these are growing on me.

The Price of Oil

Lyrics not as important as his pre-song speech about the power of Americans to affect change in the world (probably unrivalled) and overcoming cynicism.

The Lonesome Death of Rachel Corrie

Did you know that Israel in fact use purpose-built Caterpillar bulldozers for those houses?

Finally the great Take Down The Union Jack

When did it fall apart? Sometime in the 80s
When the Great and the Good gave way to the greedy and the mean

I’m sorry I couldn’t find a clip of him singing Ingrid Bergman or Help Save The Youth Of America (both wonderful songs).

Learn all about him here.


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