Brian Wood and Warren Ellis

Yesterday was certainly a good day. It saw my purchases of the latest DMZ book (I lost track of the comics a while ago. I’m down to the trade paperbacks, now):

DMZ pic

Its wikipedia page is here. It is very, very good, conceptually, but also in the manner in which its story is playing out alongside the Iraq war, and our slowly emerging (as an electorate) realisation of who has what incentives in a war on terror. I love Brian Wood.

I also got my hands on Crooked Little Vein, by Warren Ellis, of which here also is a preview:

Crooked little vein

It also has a wikipedia page! You can read the first chapter via the cool Amazon preview thingie.

Not for nothing did I say the other day that there is something fundamental missing from your use of the English language if you have not read at least some of his work (I still recommend Transmetropolitan as your starting point, but it is 10 books. Crooked Little Vein is only one).

This will never really qualify as an Academic Blog, will it? More on wars and drugs (the economics of) in a little while.


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