Indonesia court awards Suharto damages in Time defamation suit

Turns out I was wrong about the Suharto family:

US magazine giant Time has been ordered to pay $106m (£52m) in damages to the former Indonesian President Suharto.

Indonesia’s highest court overturned the decision of two lower courts and ruled that the Time article, published in 1999, defamed the former ruler.

Ha. Like bloody fun I was.

Suharto, who has also been accused of widespread rights abuses, filed a lawsuit with the Central District Jakarta and later the Jakarta High Court, both of which ruled in Time’s favor.

A panel of three Supreme Court judges, including a retired general who rose in the military ranks during Suharto’s administration, overturned the decisions on Aug. 31. The ruling ordered Time Inc. Asia and six employees to apologize in leading Indonesian magazines and newspapers as well as Time’s Asian, European and America editions.

I wonder who the other 2 were? Actually it’s hard to make that sort of complaint. We managed to keep Suharto in power for a good long while – I imagine most of Indonesia’s retired generals rose in the military ranks during Suharto’s administration (as the Associated Press is kind enough to characterise it).

Still and all, though. I wonder what Time does. Are they obliged to pay a fine ordered by an Indonesian court? They went to the trouble of appealing and will, it seems, try for the final move (Judicial review). I’d say I feel that I ought to learn more international law, except I’m really not that fussed.


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