More on the Atmospheric Vortex Engine

MSNBC has a story up at the moment about Louis Michaud and his magnificent machines.

We last saw him here when I pointed to a piece on the blog Inhabitat about his unbelievable cool plan to generate electricity.

Michaud is shopping this prototype around to energy companies, hoping to get funding to build a tornado pool the size of a sports arena. The plan is to use warm air expelled by, say, the cooling system of a nuclear power plant, to create tornadoes that stretch up to 9 miles high, spinning turbines to generate electricity. Michaud figures that such a tornado could generate as much power as a nuclear plant, though he allows that his idea is “the type of thing that’s outside the norm.”

The article also mentions SkySails (although as manufactured by a different company). It also strikes what to my sensitive eyes seems like a somewhat patronising tone. Jerks.


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