World’s healthiest breakfast, question mark

Stats exam written in record time (!), but too late for me to consider at all seriously returning to revisions. So, prior to bed: I give you my (average) breakfast:

Orange Juice:

Tropicana juice

Tropicana (non-concentrate). Usually Orange-and-something, because straight orange is a bit much for me, in the mornings.

2 servings (honestly 240ml per serving? I think I may well pour out 2.5 servings – I most certainly do not get 8 breakfasts from one bottle: nearer to 3): 12% (all percentages are of RDA) Thiamin (aka Vitamin B1); 4% Niacin (aka Vitamin B3); 30% Folic Acid; 240% Vitamin C; 8% Riboflavin (aka Vitamin B2); 12% Vitamin B6; and 12% Magnesium (not usually a problem – I take a minerals-based vitamin before bed: Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium. Etc.).

Kretschmer Wheat Germ:

Wheat germ

The red one (the blue one has honey in it – not for vegans). Two servings (seriously – am I just a glutton? I don’t get it): 12% dietary fibre (I thought it was more, sadly – I need to look about for more fibre during my day); 8% Potassium; 40% Vitamin E; 40% Folic Acid; 20% Magnesium; 20% Zinc; 20% Phoshorous; 30% Thiamin (aka Vitamin B1).

Gerber baby food!


Alternatively, Mott’s ‘Healthy Harvest’ fruit cups:


Although only one of those is sans High-Fructose bloody Corn Syrup (corn is a healthy harvest, right?), limiting the choice considerably (and my local supermarket routinely runs out).

Sticking to Gerber, 1 serving (finally) gets me: 45% Vitamin C (I don’t know if that’s my RDA, or a baby’s RDA? It’s 2 full servings of fruit, according to the label). The Mott’s fruit cup delivers 25% Vitamin C.

Moving away from ‘food’: Garden Greens’ Essential Greens 3000:

essential greens

No RDA, unsurprisingly, but emptying the 4-capsule serving-size into my blender (it’s a powder) adds this (I’m not copying all of this out):

essential greens info

Tell me about it. It doesn’t taste half-bad, either (seriously). Finally, because I am vegan,

GeniSoy (natural unflavoured) Soy Protein Powder. This one has substantially more protein per serving than the others, and far less sugar.

genisoy protein powder

I actually end up with about 1.5 servings, but I’m also not transcribing all of these (just inflate the numbers in your own head):

genisoy nutrition

(Selenium is some kind of anti-oxidant. I’ve actually noticed it in juices also, lately). And into a blender it all goes (I do however need a decent blender).

It may well not be the world’s healthiest (no dairy equals little calcium. Sometimes I use soy milk (calcium fortified) in place of the juice, but it does not taste as nice. Perhaps I should try a blend?), but I’d be damned if I can think of anything healthier. I also used to use a banana, rather than/as well as the fruit cup, but my local supermarket’s supply is also dodgy, so I’ve given up. Also I just don’t like bananas all that much, although I eat one during the day, when at Uni, often enough. I suspect that I could do with more potassium in a day.


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