Efficient pollution = clean coal

It seemed only a few days ago that John Howard was under fire for talking about more efficient carbon emissions, rather than reductions in the same, because it would lead to acceptability for things like this daft notion of ‘clean coal’ as somehow legitimate.

With the state’s coal industry and the Iemma Government under intense pressure over climate change, the Minister for Mineral Resources, Ian Macdonald, is backing a modest $5 million plan to develop an experimental “pilot” plant to capture greenhouse gases at the Munmorah power station on the Central Coast. It is first phase of a $150 million clean coal project jointly funded with the coal companies.

The idea behind the project is to capture 80 per cent of carbon emissions from the coal-fired pilot plant using an ammonia absorption technology. This would eventually lead to carbon emissions being pumped into rock formations deep underground in NSW. The process is generally know as “carbon capture and sequestration” or clean coal technology.


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