The 13 ounce rule

Spotted today (huzzah for the camera phone):


(a) “mailpiece”?

(b) What if it’s 13 ounces and doesn’t have a stamp? What if it’s anything and doesn’t have a stamp, or postage otherwise paid? Do those just get delivered now, since we’re too busy being insane? Are the costs of that insanity so great, now, that whether or not the postage was even paid becomes a minor affair?

(c) Was the recent postage increase undertaken to pay for this nonsense, or were this distributed using some other public money that could have been used to do some actual good, instead?

Official warnings are always the best (especially as we go around becoming ever more paranoid).

(d) Is this the result of mere idiocy, or has somebody undertaken a study that demonstrated that, with statistical significance, only parcels over 13 ounces are likely to contain some manner of threat? If not: warning to would be doers-of-wrong: if you’re going to post something bad, make it less than 13 ounces. Postal workers don’t make much, and it would appear that there is now a mandated threshold for giving-a-crap.

Go figure. Just know that now you can’t even put your mail in a post-box without the government reminding you that they’re crazy and moronic and have a nice day. I feel more sympathy for the Austrian school every day.


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