Pop stars and personal finance

This article is wonderful. In part, yes, it is wonderful because of the humour. In terms of teaching a lesson in terms to which a lay audience can relate, though, it is fantastic. Really, really nicely put-together.

Would You Marry Britney Spears?

Recent court papers show that blonde quasi-bombshell Britney Spears allocates none of her $737,000 monthly income to savings and investment.

OK, she’s rich enough that it doesn’t matter. But it’s not (just) pantyless peek-a-boos or feeding frenzies at McDonald’s that cry out to us for help. It’s millions of children who lack role models in finance. If I may be blunt, we’ve got a nation of financial numbskulls in the making.

Fortunately, we can stop it.

Britney isn’t the only one. Scores of less-flush celebs (witness the reportedly broke Lindsay Lohan, or net-worth-around-their-neck hip-hop artists) set a financial mis-example for kids. Our kids. Your kids. And our poorest, least-educated children suffer the most. High-interest credit cards, poor credit, abusive loan rates: They’re headed toward our kids like Lindsay in an SUV, and nothing short of our national competitiveness is at stake.

The quick-and-dirty numerical illustration within is entirely worth the journey over to the Motley Fool.


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