“…personal protection and personal music for people on the go”

the hell?

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, expected to see more than 140,000 visitors this week, is no stranger to bizarre gadgets but the iTaser – as it has been dubbed – must rank as one of the oddest. It combines a Taser stun gun, used by 12,000 police and security forces worldwide including the Metropolitan police, with an MP3 player and earphones….Arizona-based Taser International sells the handheld stun guns under the rather hyperbolic banner of ‘Changing the World and Protecting Lives’. It maintains that the iTaser “allows for both personal protection and personal music for people on the go”.”Personal protection can be both fashionable and functionable,” according to Rick Smith, founder of the company, who also used CES to unveil a new Leopard-print Taser aimed at the more feminine arm of the stun gun-loving community.

This sort of thing is entirely the fault of Warren Ellis. I’m serious. This is Transmetropolitan, Doktor Sleepless stuff. All his fault.

Tasers – as far as I’m aware – require background checks (for the purchase/use thereof). Asking for one with an mp3 player, though, should automatically disqualify you.


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