Tintin in the new world

New book! Actually not to so much: it is the second copy of it (Andy, I liked it so much I bought myself another one), but I badly wanted to read it again (gold stars, all ’round, for those who caught that one).

Tintin book cover

Used-new (and yet that’s a category) on Amazon for $1.92; $6.99 for express shipping. Go figure. I’m not complaining.

If you’re a Tintin fan, you really must read this one, at least once and at least part-way through. It is adventuresome, set post-books, and deals in no small part with Tintin’s timeless youthfulness. It will not appeal to all. It’s weird, it’s fantastic and fascinating. The writing is just incredible, but possibly too clever (meaning too awaredly clever) for a lot of people. It’s like a lot of Warren Ellis’ writing – my brain feels as though something inside of it is being altered, while reading.

If you’re not a Tintin fan, t’ hell with you. Freak. Go see about purchasing some of them (or torrenting, if that’s your thing – I got my electronic copies from ebay).

Head over to google books, and have a better look:

Tintin page 9

Tintin page 10

Tintin page 11

The first several chapters are there in their entirety, in fact.


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