Understanding America

My wife sent me this: Understanding America. Sweet Brain-on-crack Jesus, I don’t know where to begin. How ’bout here (The Cost of War)?


Or … here (The Economics of Raising a Child)?


How ’bout some Economy?


It’s as though a small army with AKs for days is tearing up my brain from the inside…


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  1. Jared on

    It’s indicative of the downfall of a civilization when people would rather read abridged works than the originals. I’d like to think that extrapolates to pictures, as well.

  2. zooeygoethe on

    Man, you have weird criteria for indicators of the downfall of a civilisation. Seriously. You need to read some Warren Ellis, or the PATRIOT Act, or something.

  3. Jared on

    My criteria also include the incessant usage of the letters ‘s’ and ‘u’ in places where ‘z’ and ‘o’ are suffice.

  4. Jared on

    sufficient, that is to say

  5. zooeygoethe on

    Heh. Bastard. Didn’t anyone ever tell you Australians are prone to violence?

  6. zooeygoethe on

    Jared is correct, though: it is a book – a real, papery book.


    One I’d be tempted to get, if it wouldn’t look so odd on my soon-to-be-office shelf in Nottingham, England. I’ll have enough fun explaining the Electoral College to my new colleagues, later in the year…

  7. […] A very interesting perspective – that handguns and handgun violence represent not only a public health issue, but such a one that we are obliged to respond from within our profession. Remember the excellent book/site Understanding the USA? […]

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