By way of explanation. I haven’t posted in nearly a week, and I’m not feeling particularly inclined to comment online about anything, yet. This is in part due to disinterest; in part I’m planning on folding anyway when I move to the new job (it is, first, not in the US and, second, not teaching Economics – or at all – but rather in research. So doing this will not complement my work).

I was going to keep it up until the end of Semester, but I don’t find much of interest, these days. Or of interest with a contribution for me to make. Railing against terrible writing in newspapers gets ordinary, quickly.

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  1. Nick on

    But how will we get our (almost) daily doses of Professor Quinn once the semester’s over?

  2. gninja on

    And how will I know what you’re up to when you’re not emailing me?

  3. opit on

    Burnout and life changes take bloggers out bigtime. I hope you enjoyed the ride.

  4. chris on

    wtf man. now I have to read all those damn articles in unabridged form…by myself. sad times ahead.

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