Richard Dreyfuss discussing civics: a reminder

You have possibly been directed to this before (I made my Eco 1 students watch it in class, and I may do so again). A while back, now, Richard Dreyfuss was a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher.

you may not know it, but Richard Dreyfuss studied the teaching of civics at oxford, and was a senior advisor on the same there (I forget the precise title he had at Oxford).

What happened, after Bill Maher asked Dreyfuss “what is civics?” is a stark reminder of what we’ve lost: especially in the US, where the teaching of civics was held in higher regard, probably, than elsewhere in the industrialised world. I don’t think one can watch this clip too often, at all.

This – the full clip, rather than youtube’s two-parter – has a tendency to be taken down. If you lose it, email me. I have a .mp4 (an .mp4? I never can tell) of it.

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  1. AnferTuto on

    Hola faretaste

  2. Randal L. Schwartz on

    I have the audio of a one-hour presentation Richard Dreyfuss did on civics on a recent Geekcruise ( up in my podcast feed at – See episodes 84 and 85.

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